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Blue Marlin on fly hosted trips in Costa Rica Jake Jordan

Costa Rica - Belize - Guatamala - etc.
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Blue Marlin on fly hosted trips in Costa Rica Jake Jordan

Postby bhorsley » Sat Mar 22, 2014 11:47 am

Good Morning:

At this time I am contacting fly anglers who may be interested in catching blue marlin on fly. This summer I am putting together some trips which will require 4 days at sea, with a very strong chance of catching multiple Blue Marlin on fly. If you have any interest please contact me as I am filling these trips quickly? If you would be interested I am willing to split the cost of a trip with anyone who is interested, I will of course do half of the fishing as the second angler. Below is information regarding these trips. I do have other dates available if that will help?

Costa Rica
"Blue Marlin on Fly Schools"
June, July, August 2014

During the last several years, several of my friends have experienced unbelievable Blue Marlin fishing, while fishing more than 140 miles off the coast of Costa Rica. Last summer one boat raised between 14 and over 100 Blue marlin per day during the 16 days which they fished this small patch of ocean. One angler caught as many as 18 Blue Marlin on fly in one day, and four or more per day on all but one day of the 16 days fished. Another boat hooked more than 10 Blue marlin on fly per day during 24 days fished in this same area. Seas are generally calm compared to the Atlantic locations.

The location is near a FAD (Fish Aggravating Device), located on a mountain top which comes up from 8000 foot below the sea surface to 1,400 foot below the sea surface. The area which we will be concentrating on is the size of a city block, the FAD draws bait, and the Blue Marlin come here to eat.

My plan is to fish this area during at least 4, four day trips (Marlin Schools) during the summer of 2014. We will be fishing aboard a 43 foot Maverick, sport fishing yacht, with twin diesel engines, air condition, and refrigeration and generator for electricity, out of the Los Suenos resort Marina in Los Suenos CR.

Dragin Fly

We will arrive in Costa Rica, be picked up by a private driver and be transported to the Marriott luxury hotel, or a private Condo, in the Los Suenos luxury resort, where we will check in on day one (Travel Day). On day #2 after provisioning the vessel, with food and supplies, and after breakfast, we check out, and board "Dragin Fly" around noon and then head out to sea. After fishing from the time we depart until dark we will continue at trolling speed to conserve fuel all night.

The Captain, two mates, and I will rotate on watch and sleep in shifts during the night while guests eat and sleep until we reach the location at dawn. On day three we will fly fish for blue marlin from dawn to dark, and then eat and sleep while on a sea anchor. Day four we wake up and fly fish for blue marlin from dawn to dark, after which we will begin heading back to shore at trolling speed. On day 5 we will then fly fish from dawn to roughly noon during the last 60 miles back to the Los Suenos Marina. We will check into the Marriott hotel or Condo at Los Suenos, clean up, have a great meal and spend the night there. Day #6 after breakfast, our driver will pick us up and take us back to the San Jose international airport for our flight home.

These packages include private rooms (Lodging) at the Marriott or private luxury Condo, ground transportation while in Costa Rica, charter of the boat (Dragin Fly) for entire trip, food and beverages while aboard "Dragin Fly", bait and tackle for teasing, Breakfast at the Marriott. I will also supply all fly fishing tackle, flies and instruction, during this "Blue Marlin Fly Fishing School" along with accompanying the students throughout the trip.

My proposed dates for the first four of these schools are as follows; We have other dates available for customized trips, also we offer extended stays where we can fish daily and stay at the hotel for daily rates. These trips are limited to one or two students per trip, per boat. All of these trips are to be customized to fit the needs of my students, call me if you have any questions or wish to put together a Blue Marlin on Fly School.

The total cost for each package will be $7500 per angler plus $1,000 per angler gratuity for the boat. Total cost $15,000 for two students, plus gratuity.

The price for a single angler doing this trip will be $12,500 plus $2000 gratuity.

Arrive - June 13, fish June 14, 15, 16, 17, depart June 18

Arrive July 12, fish July 13, 14, 15, 16, and depart July 17

Arrive August 10, fish August 11, 12, 13, 14, and Depart August 15, (sold out).

Arrive August 16, fish August 17, 18, 19, 20, and depart August 21 (sold out).

Let's get started, contact me now to plan your Fly Fishing for Blue Marlin trip of a lifetime!

Captain Jake Jordan

Jake Jordan
Jake Jordan's Fishing Adventures
PO Box, 309
Havelock, NC 28532
252-444-3308 (home/office)
305-872-6060 (cell)
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Re: Blue Marlin on fly hosted trips in Costa Rica Jake Jorda

Postby Keysjake » Sun Mar 23, 2014 11:27 am

Thanks for posting this Brian, I am really excited about this possible fishery!
Captain Jake Jordan

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