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Postby SOBX » Thu Dec 26, 2013 10:26 pm

Boys I have been "schooled" by some folks over the years so badly that I still sometimes wake up from a deep sleep in a panic from dreaming about it, and I may not even close my eyes tonight, the demons from my dreams maybe on the prowl!

I should have known my day was gonna be a bit different when I tried to make some cheese toast this morning, and I like a light covering of Dukes Mayo on sourdough just to give the sharp cheese from something to get attached to. As I plopped a spoonful of Dukes onto a flat piece of sourdough, resting on a flat piece of aluminum foil, laid out on a flat granite counter top, the Dukes went Terminator 2 on me and morphed into a mayonnaise ball and rolled, defying physics, to the edge of the counter and was intercepted by a black lab named Scarlet about 15 inches above the kitchen floor!

Now a 65 pound lab that can snatch Fritos or a piece of bacon or steak tossed overhand was no match for the Dukes ----- she got about half and the other half met hardwood floors and made a mess so bad I laughed (I should have gone back to bed).

Made the ferry for a 7:15AM ride and was informed by the fine folks with the NC Ferry Division that they were still on the "holiday" schedule and that I'd have an hour wait. Now if y'all checked the forecast like I did we all knew that there was about a 4 hour window this morning before rain joined wind & cold to make the ride home the best option at about 1:00PM.

Plan B, met buddy at BoJangles in New Bern, hit Plan B creek and distinctly recall buddy telling me that he was gonna try a small bass fly that he had used on a golf club pond Christmas afternoon (I should have gone back to bed, see above).

Now we must have caught 7 or 8 dozen specks, and my contribution other than displaying how not to cast, not to operate the trolling motor, how to perfect "tailing loops & wind knots, how to claim some joy with one of the keepers, and putting on an interesting cussing exhibition was to become the official SPECKTATOR as Prof Emeritus Albert Bruno ... out001.jpg

laid out the syllabus and commenced teaching in a 17ft classroom that I couldn't leave even after raising my hand to ask to go to the bathroom since I was feeling sick!

Now back to that fly, it was a non-descript size 4 brown/tan with some gold/green flash and as best as I can figure, based on the size of most of the trout he released, key words would be "most" and "he" , on an cold overcast day it would not have made the top 100 pics for specks by anybody I know. Even Albert was gonna change it until my education started.

The only thing I can figure, and Lord knows I studied it for hours, is that the teat/s (not sure how many they have) of mother trout must look exactly like that fly since the little ones went on it like a starving puppy and the keepers looked like they might have had mommy issues!!!

Oh, don't let me forget to tell you that there was only one of those speck teat flies on the boat, and I only maintained my sanity by refusing to take it every time it was offered with a grin and a snicker!

I did have a fly that was right close, and even tied by Albert, but it had been stuck in the carpet backing behind the under gunnel rod holders long enough to rust a little, but I gave it a try and caught fish immediately, til the hook broke. Now I was not aware of when this catastrophic failure occurred but I know for almost an hour I had tons of taps and hits and just couldn't hook a fish (I should have gone back to bed).

Back at it tomorrow and while I won't pick out the little fly first thing in the morning, there will damn sure be at least 3 more on the boat, all with good clean hooks and no rust. ;)

Good Fishing & Happy New Year!!!

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Postby TomM » Thu Dec 26, 2013 11:09 pm

You are referring to Albert Money Bruno -jack Eudy circa 2010

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