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A small bit of pullage in SE PA

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A small bit of pullage in SE PA

Postby Emerson » Wed Jan 09, 2013 7:58 am

I went out yesterday as we finally had temps above freezing! I use to fish below freezing but the guides always icing up is a I have the luxury of waiting for the temps. :P

Travled to Valley Creek and walked a decent stretch. I like to go late in the day when the sun is lower. In these small creeks at this time of year, water is very clear and low and the fish are very wary. But.....they still need to eat. Bugs are not hatching in huge amounts. Midges might be around and on special days some Blue Winged Olives but I only noticed a few midges and no rising fish. As a bonus I saw 2 deer crossing the stream and a blue bird nearby.

I used a size #8 olive and white marabou streamer. I place a small cone head on my tippet just above the fly. This way if I do not need the extra weight I can fish the streamer without weight. I quit at 5 was major dark at that time.

I managed 2 fish...nothing huge but these guys are wild fish..born and raised here.

You can see my streamer in the front of the mouth and the cone head just above the upper lip. Nothing large but it is January in the North East!

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Re: A small bit of pullage in SE PA

Postby meatstick » Wed Jan 09, 2013 8:26 pm

You done way good. Two stream-fish in January is really making it happen. :mrgreen:

I'm assuming the loop knot will go thru the hole in the conehead, right ?

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Re: A small bit of pullage in SE PA

Postby TLT » Wed Jan 09, 2013 8:37 pm

Cool Em! I love that stream and drive over it every time I go home to visit my family. I wonder what the trout population is like these days. I used to fish it and only catch maybe five at best, all wild and gorgeous on pheasant tails or brassies.

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