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1 more reason I think I might become a Yooper

Freshwater Reports from near and far
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1 more reason I think I might become a Yooper

Postby BCflyfisher2012 » Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:02 pm

Just a quick update from my summer in the U.P.

Last Thursday I didn't get to do any fishing but spent the day on a really nice lake up here. Instead of fishing I was out "working" by snorkeling to collect rusty crayfish for my research project. during collection, we got to see a pair of HUGE smallmouth bass doing their thing, as well as what were the beginnings of several other nesting sites. One other cool experience from that day was my getting attacked by a 5lb(estimated) smallmouth bass as I was collecting crayfish from around its nest and collecting eggs from the nest(for part of my mentor's project). Headed back tomorrow to this lake and taking my fly rod for a little lunch break action.

Now on to the fishing report...

Last saturday I went out for the first time to fish up here and despite windy conditions managed to spook some pike and pick up a few yellow perch. Most of the perch were too small so I threw them back but one unlucky fellow came home to the grill and made for a mighty tasty dinner. The next day I took some of my friends out on a lake and helped teach them how to fish. Most had a little experience so it wasn't too difficult but it was quite fun none the less. One friend told me she wanted to try fly fishing, so I set her up with a 4wt and a blue popper. Let's just say, she is now hooked. Her goal for the summer was to catch a total of 10 fish and once she picked up that fly rod, she caught that goal plus some in just under 20min.

Spent yesterday out on a lake here on the property of the University of Notre Dame Environmental Research Center and I am still at a loss for how to describe the day. Caught nearly 40 bluegill on topwater with only about a half dozen of them being smaller than my hand. Then to top it all off, I also was lucky enough to land nearly a dozen largemouth bass in the 12-18" range and a new personal best in the Smallmouth bass category.. It's beautiful country up here and even more beautiful fishing so if you ever get the chance to visit the Northwoods (N. wisconsin) or the U.P. do it!

below are a few pics of my fish from yesterday. I apologize for them not being great but i was rushing to try and catch more!
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