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Freshwater Reports from near and far
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Postby Siessmack » Sat Jun 11, 2011 4:29 pm

I'll be a new resident of the dirty RIC as of tomorrow evening with a new job and hopefully some free time in the evenings and weekends to do some fly fishing. I recall seeing some posts awhile back about fly fishing for big cats in the James and would love to lock into some of those guys. I'm planning on doing some exploring all over the James, Rappahannock and Pamunkey. I've got a 14 foot kayak, and will probably be making a lot of trips to the salt only an hour away. Also excited to be a lot closer to the OBX, Charleston and the amazing mountains of Virginia. Anybody lookin for a fishing partner? Any tips on access or good spots to fish would be greatly appreciated. I'm already really missing the epic trout fishing of the Rockies, so I'm looking for some trout fishing within a few hours drive if possible. (I do know fish the Rose a lot) Definitely looking to take a trip down to the South Holston in Tennessee.

Thanks in advance! Great to be back in VA.

TLT- How's the fishing for you? I may head over your way next Sunday.

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Re: Richmond

Postby mb82 » Sat Jun 11, 2011 5:11 pm

The cats I don't think are going to be in, the river stayed high for too long. Not saying it can't be done but the way it was done when the records were being shattered I don't think will happen this year. Of course I could be wrong. The cats in open water is tough, they won't readily take a fly the way they do when they are in the rocks.

Access along the river is great, reedy creek is a good spot to start for smallies along with Hugounot( You would think growing up on Southside I would be able to spell that word) woods . Reedy Creek is more of a wading area, Hugounot woods is for the kayak. Basicly if you go to a place and there is great people watching, the fishing generally is not going to be great in my experience, but the view can be worth it :lol:
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Re: Richmond

Postby TLT » Sat Jun 11, 2011 6:31 pm

Congratulations Chris! Next Sunday I am heading to Topsail Island for several days of chasing whatever will hit a fly. Got some really nice stripees last week on fly at the crack of dawn. Come on down when I get back.

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Re: Richmond

Postby jsaunders » Tue Jun 14, 2011 10:45 pm

Haven't fished in Richmond much, but there's good smallmouth fishing the on the upper james, and more serene... Maidens and West View aren't to far from Richmond, out near Goochland. Both offer good wading during average flows, and a kayak will open up more water. Have caught some nice smallies upstream from west view. Hardware, Scottsville, Bent Creek, JRSP, and most of the upper james are good sections of river although not real close. Good float on the Pamunkey from a public dirt landing above 360 off of Dabneys Mill Rd. down to 360, pretty much an all day float, concentrate more effort on the last half.

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