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no salt to rinse off, but mud. mud. mud

Freshwater Reports from near and far
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no salt to rinse off, but mud. mud. mud

Postby BlueHeron » Sun Aug 15, 2010 11:21 pm

My very first freshwater adventure with a fly rod
snuck off during a 90th birthday for my step father-in-law-in-law to 2 little ponds on his back 40.
All this in is in Wheel, Tennessee.
100 degrees, hot sun, flies, mosquitos, thick eau d'manure, sticky mud - almost lost my camo crocs.
Didn't stay long
Threw a black wooly bugger of dubious quality (first one I ever tried to tie) on a 6 wt.

No catsfish - but the kids had rode out on the kubota and fed them just before.

Did get a few bream, a couple LMB, and a crappie.
No size to em
but the later two are new species on fly.
And the party was good - pulled pork and trimmings and sweet tea and cake for 150 people
the bus came by and I got on
that's when it all began

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Re: no salt to rinse off, but mud. mud. mud

Postby Cutter » Mon Aug 16, 2010 7:24 pm

Tennessee farm ponds. Fun in the summer until the bugs and water moccasins chew on you. Glad the bugger produced. Next time try a dahlberg diver at first light. LMB on top are very exciting.

How was the Bday party? Food sounds about right.
The world is your oyster-
So show up with a knife and know how to shuck.

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