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Cape Cod 2015

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Cape Cod 2015

Postby Sharpefly » Thu Jun 11, 2015 5:26 am

Well the Lake Erie group made their yearly trip to the Cape late week. 15 spent a week in high winds and some rain. The way we had to dress you would thing it was fall.
Water temps on the cool side so fishing was a little slow first part of the week.
Lots of smaller fish this year though one 30lb was caught on a fly.
Toward the end of the week nonstop 20 to 24 inch fish.
One of the boats on Friday while fishing in Brewster Flats had a 20 ft whale circling his boat and going under it.
The shore fisherman caught fish on the out going tide at inlets on the Nantucket sound side.
Reports from freind up there this week looks a lot better with bigger fish moving in.
One of our tackle friends from Erie was fishing the Canal and while fishing broke the end of his rod off so he took a little more off so the tip would fit back in the hole and tapped together ended catching a 46lb striper on the broken rod. only fish he caught.
Sad news the only Fly Shop up the Fishing The Cape is closing. Another one bites the dust.
All in all was a great trip lots of good sea food and great time had by all fisherman.

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Re: Cape Cod 2015

Postby Emerson » Thu Jun 11, 2015 7:40 am

Thanks Jim.......sounds like overall a great time...

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