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May Day Orlando Fishing Report

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May Day Orlando Fishing Report

Postby jkumiski » Sun May 03, 2015 11:09 am

May Day Orlando Fishing Report

Since Friday was May Day, which used to be a fairly important holiday, this is the May Day Orlando Fishing Report.

And since it's May, the Tarpon Poem needs to make its annual appearance.

an ideal world
hot sun, blue sky, clear, slick water
a graphite wand, a wisp of feathers, a sliver of steel

a flash of silver breaks the mirror
another, and another
feathers land in water
magically, they come to life

line tightens
mirror shatters
water flies, gills flare, body shakes, shudders
again, and again, and again

beast tires
arms ache
hand grasps jaw
feathers removed
great fish swims free once more

one of God's gifts to fly fishers


Last week's report was called the Stalked by a Gator report. The photo I used was of crocodiles, however. Several people emailed me to let me know. Of course I knew- just checking to see if anyone was paying attention! Anyway, here's an alligator photo.


Blog Posts This Week- Orion Cooler Review

Monday found David Gunn and Bill Elk in my boat again. Unfortunately I didn't learn Bill's last name until I had finished fishing him. Otherwise I would have called him Bull Elk all week. Anyhow, I digress.
On a cloudy, windy day we launched the boat at Port Canaveral. We ran north for quite a way looking for any sign of activity. Although Davis and Bill are fly casters I had a spin rod with a bucktail jig on it that I used as a search tool. It did not find much- two lonely bluefish.
We saw a couple of tarpon roll. We saw a few tunny busting bait. We did not get a shot at anything. At one o'clock I pulled the boat and drove to Port St. John, launching again on the Indian River Lagoon. To my relief there was a load of ladyfish at the power plant. We caught ladyfish pretty steadily for a couple hours, and David got a mullet for good measure. So the day was a moderate success.

Tuesday found David Gunn and Bill Elk in my boat again. We launched at Parrish Park, running south to check the flats across from Titusville. The water looked nasty and we did not see anything. We ended up back at the power plant for a while. Although we caught a few, there were many fewer fish there than the previous day.
We left and checked a flat. After we ran over a few redfish David started blind casting. With fly tackle this is a low probability approach, but he got not one but two redfish. We did not count how many puffers were caught. You can always count on the puffers. Bring extra flies. They make pretty short work of a fly if it gets in there the right way.

Wednesday I was supposed to drive down and fish with Rick. The wind was howling and was supposed to continue doing so, so we postponed the trip. I got to play with fishing tackle instead. The Squishy Cat wanted to play too, so I got this photo.


Friday I went scouting on the Banana River Lagoon. It was windy! I was cold, on the first of May. May Day! What a good reason to go fishing! I got the first fish I threw to. Yes, I do know we never end our sentences with a preposition. Fishing was so good I thought it was last week. The water looks good, too.


Saturday Eric Elfman and David Gunn joined me for some fly fishing, again launching at Parrish Park and fishing the Indian River Lagoon. The wind was howling out of the northeast. There was nothing at the power plant. We found some scattered trout and redfish. David got two reds and hooked and lost a trout. Although he had several shots at trout and reds, Eric got three trophy puffers, nothing else.
I think puffers need some PR. I was trying to think of a new name to call them to make them more appealing to anglers but nothing came to mind. If you can come up with a new, sexy name for puffers please email it to me. The best name I get will be worth a free copy of Flyrodding Florida Salt. Judge's decision is final.
After fishing I made my way to the abode of Tom Van Horn, who was celebrating his 60th birthday. Happy Birthday, Tom! The stars were all out for this gala. My only regret is I left my camera at home.

And that is this week's May Day Orlando Fishing Report from Spotted Tail.

Life is great and I love my work!
Life is short- Go Fishing!

John Kumiski 

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