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Banana River Lagoon Report

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Banana River Lagoon Report

Postby jkumiski » Sat Feb 22, 2014 11:30 am

Banana River Lagoon Report 22214

Upcoming Events-
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Blog Posts this Week-
- Sharkwave Fly Lines Coming
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- Oil Drilling Coming to the Everglades

On to the fishing, men!

Monday the weather was gorgeous, so I strapped the kayak to the roof of the chariot and drove over to the Banana River Lagoon. I got there after nine o'clock. Six cars were already there. I avoided the other boats as much as I could.
Travelling along the shoreline I saw two small trout, two small redfish, and then a school of about 20 small reds, less than 20 inch fish. They elicited no response in me.
I went out to the second bar. There was nothing there.
I went to the third bar. Two boats were there, one on each side. I went up the middle. The water was clear, there was hardly any grass, and I saw nothing. I kept going.
On the fourth bar there was a school of black drum, not the big ones. Two tasted my black bunny leech. The larger one was 12 pounds or so.
I left them, hoping to find big fish. A group of eight big reds was swimming high in the water. I got two casts at them but they ignored me.
The paddle back was uneventful, as no fish were seen.
The grass up there is all gone, and so are most of the fish. It's a sad thing.

Tuesday found me on a bus travelling to Tallahassee for the Clean Water Rally. Senator David Simmons, the senator from my district, was one of the speakers. Good work, sir!
I had a meeting with my district's representative, Rep. Jason Brodeur. He told me he understands the need for clean water, would be sponsored a bill addressing clean water issues. It was good to hear, but show me the money. Stay tuned.
One of the speakers was a woman from Naples, Dr. Karen Dwyer, of the Stone Crab Alliance. Here is what she had to say: " The Everglades oil rush is on. In addition to the 115,000 acres leased for oil exploration, Collier Resources just issued two more leases for massive seismic testing operations to identify more locations for oil drilling: 103,000 acres to Tocala, LLC and 234,500 acres to Burnett Oil, all in the Big Cypress National Preserve in the western Everglades. Everyone. March 11. Please. Pack the EPA Meeting. Take a stand for the Everglades and our water. Now is the time. No one can take your place."
How this has escaped the state and national news media is beyond me. All fishermen should be going crazy over this- hydraulic fracturing in the Everglades? WE CAN'T LET THIS HAPPEN!!! I will be in Naples on March 11. I hope to see you there. Get more information at

Wednesday Rick DePaiva, one of my dearest friends, came up to fish with me. Because he likes going there and because I got a good report from one of my subscribers we went to KARS Park and launched the canoe.
The weather was awesome.
The short version is that we went most of the way to the NASA Causeway, went out to the islands on the other side of the channel, and worked it hard. We saw maybe eight fish and had one half-baked shot that did not work. So we went fishless. Had a good time other than that, enjoying the day and Rick's company.
Again, most of the grass is gone. This area had such thick grass just a couple years ago, too. Bad, bad, bad bad bad.

And that is this week's Banana River Lagoon Fishing Report.

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short. Go Fishing!

John Kumiski

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