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First IRL Paddle Adventure Report

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First IRL Paddle Adventure Report

Postby jkumiski » Sat Dec 07, 2013 12:06 pm

First IRL Paddle Adventure Report

We had too much stuff. I looked at the mountain of gear and looked at the Old Town, wondering how it could all fit. Somehow it did. Looked ugly, load felt high, but we were off and headed to Jupiter. Like the sound of that, feels like we were off on a space exploration. In a way I suppose we were.

Thirteen boats launched from JB's Fish camp that morning. Some were only with us for the day. Others were going to Titusville or beyond, or all the way to Jupiter.

We looked for redfish from JB's to ICW Marker 13, didn't see much. The weather was gray, misty. We couldn't see the east shore of Mosquito Lagoon. But such breeze as there was pushed us along beautifully. It was an easy first day's paddle, the way you'd plan it if you had control over such things as the wind speed or direction. Perfect.

The second night we camped on a spoil island west of Haulover Canal. Dee had gotten a redfish and Jay was cooking it up. One fish wouldn't go far feeding ten. Jim Dyce was wading around the island casting a gold spoon. He said, "I have a big fish. I don't know what it is." It was another redfish. That fish was on people's plates about 20 minutes later, hot and delicious.

Another wonderful paddle (we've been blessed with the weather so far) put us on the spoil island just north of Parrish Park. We had a party to go to at Dixie Crossroads, time to bathe! It's amazing how stinky you can get in only three days.
Capt. Mark Wright came out and picked us up, a very nice thing for him to do. He brought us to Parrish Park and also gave a ride to the restaurant. About 30 people were there to celebrate with us and feast on some of the seafood that Dixie Crossroads is famous for. Personally I concentrated on the oysters and shrimp, merely sampling the blue crabs and clams. After three days of paddling it was extremely delicious, and very kind of Lauralee to do for us. Thanks from all the paddlers to Dixie Crossroads for such a fantastic fete.

Wednesday morning the mayor of Titusville came out to paddle with us for a while. While it was nice chatting, we had a long way to go. We decided to hit it while the weather was with us. As it turned out it was with us all the way, God smiling on fools and paddlers, apparently.
We found a school of black drum south of the NASA Causeway. The one we had for dinner took a smoke colored DOA Shrimp.

While paddling Thursday a flight of white pelicans flew over us. I had a brief glimpse of God. Take Him where you find Him…

The water has been high the entire way. We have not seen a blade of seagrass south of Rinker Canal. Fish have been scarce. While we are paddling more than fishing, we're certainly looking for fish all along the way. We have not seen many.

But we are having a marvelous time, partly because the weather has been perfect, partly because everyone in the group has been awesome. Bones Benton said this is the coolest thing he's ever done. Mr. Benton has done some way cool things, too.

We haven't needed so much as a band-aid, either.

We'd like to thank Vince and Jim and the Mayor and the Crabman and everyone else who has paddled with us. We'd like to also thank those folks who have said, "Hey, we read about you in the newspaper!"

Saturday December 7 we'll be at the Indian River Festival at Pelican Beach Park in Satellite Beach. Sunday we'll be at Lagoon-Palooza at the Lagoon House in Melbourne. Please come out and see us.

Life is short- go fishing.

Life is great and I love my work!

John Kumiski

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