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Hammer Time ....

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Hammer Time ....

Postby meatstick » Wed Jul 11, 2012 10:14 am

Picked up the devil stick this morning and went down 3 blocks to the harbor. I had not fished this rod in yrs. An antique ultra-light and old shimano spooled with 6 lb… my fav crappie rod back in the day. It was rigged with a 1/32 oz unpainted (short-shanked) jighead. In my shirt pocket I had an extra jighead and three 1.75” Lunker City Fin-S Shad bodies in the Rainbow Trout color. I was ready for some harbor jiggin’.

The extra jighead was insurance against the stray bluefish bite-off. I was actually looking for big white perch. I dropped the lure in a bulkhead “corner” (shady) to see if anybody was home. By the time it hit bottom and I raised the rod tip up, I was tight to an 11” whitey … I fished that inside corner until they stopped hitting … might have caught them all. Nice whiteys 10-12 inches, and they all took drag. Had an audience for awhile. “Mildred !! Come back here !! He’s catching fish after fish on a plastic minnow.” I guess the poor guy’s father never took him fishing.

I like the shad bodied Fin-S because it has more plastic up front … holds the jighead “barb” better. The rockfish seem to like a longer slimmer bait … like a 3” Sluggo on a 1/16 oz head. Only caught one 12” striper … but the white perch fought harder. Another good perch bait is a Bass Assassin “Tiny Shad” (1.5”) on an appropriate sized head. Yes, you can use twister tailed grubs … but the tails foul a lot or you’ll hook the tail … slows things down when the fishing is fast and furious, and they tend to spiral down.

On the main Chesapeake, I use a medium action spin rod … and usually a 1.5 oz sting silver. There is no telling what you might catch with that silly piece of metal. Anyway, if I’m not fly fishing I prefer to fish “straight down” even in a shallow harbor.

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