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Lots of new cameras from Sony today...

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Lots of new cameras from Sony today...

Postby kendalloz » Wed Sep 12, 2012 5:24 pm

Sony announced a lot of new cameras today. Interesting thing going on here is multiple cameras use the same sensor...Sony makes a sensor then it comes out in a "video" camera (most video controls and style) and in a "photo" camera that looks like a camera. Besides the sensors much of the software is the same just the housing/exterior controls are different.

The A99, a full frame DSLR that has no mirror so it can shoot faster and has a lot of video components as well.

Same sensor in a video camera.

The new compact NEX6 which looks really cool. Supposed to have blazing fast auto focus which might be good for fish that run and jump. Though Canon recently released a DSLR that had similar focusing advancements and the reviews have not bee real favorable. Will be interesting to see if the Sonys deliver. And can be remote controlled from a smart phone. Ten Frames per sec! And has zebras for video (shows blown out spots) and peaking for focus (highlights areas in focus).

Same sensor in a video camera is the VG 30 in the video cam link above. Sony is really going the hybrid way with cameras that do video and stills equally well.

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