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2017 VCFA House Report #13

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2017 VCFA House Report #13

Postby fishermike » Sat Oct 28, 2017 6:44 pm

Hi! What a great day on the water! :D :P We had 3 boats out today, another "little boat that could", my Boston Whaler, and our ace in the hole, 2 anglers with Sarah! She consistently put our guys on breaking fish all the way from the East Side to Atlantic Beach, with some trawler action in between. Our 'little boat that could" hooked an albie first thing in the morning off the #4 buoy but then saw nothing else for the rest of the day. We saw lots of bait balls and what looked like albie marks close by first thing in the Hook and we thought that a tide change would get things going, but that was not the case. We also hooked up first thing in the morning off President's Point. We waited around and when nothing happened we went out to the trawlers and ended up almost to Beaufort Inlet and had a lot of action. We did lose 3 albies to sharks at the boat including one that took an albie that had wrapped my line around the prop and I thought I would lose the tip for sure, but by some miracle it untangled itself. But that only bought it about 10' before a 6' shark grabbed it. After a few appropriate words, I had to sit down to try and relax! Looks like a blow day tomorrow and Monday am and I just hope it doesn't mess things up too badly. We all had a great day and thanks to Sarah and her crew, the house ended the day hooking 33 and landing 21 to bring the year's total to 201 hooked and 116 landed. I might add that if any of you are thinking of making a trip down, it would really pay bid dividends to drastically increase your odds of getting on fish to get in contact with Brian or Sarah at the Fishing Center and book a day's trip. You won't be disappointed!! :D We are having a great time at the house and eating well, just last night Bobby Whetstine cooked us all steaks and all the trimmings! Just an example of what it is like at the house. We should be watching football and tying flies tomorrow, so if you want to come by and share some stories, the house is open. Thanks again and tight lines, mike buss

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