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2017 VCFA House Report #10

Morehead City - Atlantic Beach - Harkers - Cape Lookout
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2017 VCFA House Report #10

Postby fishermike » Wed Oct 25, 2017 4:48 pm

Hi! Great day on the water, but the fishing sucked! :) We had 2 boats out today and caught only small bluefish and did not see an albie. I guess the guy who said, "It's surprising what a big blow can do to the fishing!" on the radio, was right. They certainly have disappeared for us today. Hopefully, the water will clear up after a couple of tide cycles and we can get back to catching them. We came in early when the wind picked up and were glad we did when we ran into the wind and waves just past pelican island, got a little wet on the way back! We stayed in the Hook for the most part , interrupted by a fruitless trip to a trawler. I was able to get in a good sleep while my boat partner motored around looking for them. Think that was the most productive time spent on the water today. Hope for better days tomorrow and hope to see you all bowed up, thanks and tight lines, mike

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