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2017 VCFA House Report #8

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2017 VCFA House Report #8

Postby fishermike » Sun Oct 22, 2017 8:06 pm

Hi! Another great day on the water and the fish were pretty cooperative. We had 3 boats on the water today and they all did well. One hooked 10 and landed 5, another hooked 12 landing 9, and the last boat hooked 11 and landed 8. We started out inside the Hook, but had to wait for them to show and they finally arrived around 8:40 and stayed around for a couple of hours before leaving. It was great fun as they seemed to be all over. They were on larger bait again and one of ours upchucked about 8 ribbonfish about 8" long. We also landed a couple of buffalos that were pushing, if not actually 20 pounds. We also had a couple that were around 14-15 lbs. Bigger fish today! :D Unfortunately, with bigger fish more things can go wrong and they did as we broke our 4th rod of the trip on a high stick on one of the pigs. :( We also caught some around the trawlers, not up close but about 200-300 yards back, and the Hook bite in the late afternoon had not developed by about 5 when we came in. Tomorrow looks like the beginning of the blow in the afternoon, so if we get out it will be a morning event. Hope the Hook bite continues like it has for the last few days. We are way ahead of last year, which was our best year ever in terms of numbers of fish hooked and landed. Everyone knows that is not what makes fishing fun, just getting out on the water and having a shot at these fantastic fish is award enough for most of us. Looks like we will have a couple of well needed down days to repair equipment and replenish flies. If anyone wants to come by and shoot the breeze, the house is open. Thanks again and tight lines, mike

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