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2017 VCFA House Report #2

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2017 VCFA House Report #2

Postby fishermike » Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:39 pm

Hi! Another frustrating day of chasing sipping albies again today, but we did run into a few village idiots. We had three boats out today and hooked 15 and landed 7 to bring the house total for the first few days of 18 hooked and 10 landed. Not great, but still good, and we hope to do better as the days progress. Unfortunately, tomorrow looks like we will be able to get out in the morning before small craft advisories will force us off the water in the afternoon. We can only hope the wx guys are wrong again. We did fill a couple of house bucket items today as we broke 2 rods, one on a high stick while landing an albie and the other when the tip got caught in the motor. We also avoided another bucket item when one of our boats almost ran aground on the unmarked shoal on the way in. Quick actions of slowing down and raising the motor allowed us to avoid getting stuck. I don't know what idiot made the decision to remove those makers but that was a wrong decision. Keeping the markers along the channel in 15-20' but removing those makes some of us question the government decision making process. Hopefully, we will not have to rescue anyone. Today we ran into the sippers about 3 mile off shore half way between the #2 marker and Shark Island. This is the second day in a row they have showed there. Again, the house is open and with the next few days looking like they will be down days, come on by to share some stories. Thanks again, tight lines, mike buss

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