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Words to the Wise (foolish really)

Morehead City - Atlantic Beach - Harkers - Cape Lookout
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Words to the Wise (foolish really)

Postby SOBX » Mon Oct 20, 2014 4:29 pm

With all the focus on albies, big red drum and sharks eating the lower units off of Yamaha F150s and up ----- DO NOT come to Harkers unless "foolish" is tattooed on your forehead without a 4/5 or 6wt flyrod and some sinktips lines (200/250gr sink & intermediate)! ;)

Not only does the jetty heat up, the HI bridge, North River Bridge, most of the marshes and coastal creeks are holding nice spotted seatrout (trout/specks in the 14 to 26 inch range) and puppy drum (small reds to 30 inches), Hell, I even caught a spot this morning on a size 2 tuttie-frutti.

If specks in the range above when the albies don't want to play ( a mid-range one from this morning)


there are several nice golf courses around Myrtle Beach, SC you should check out. :lol:

Be "wise" ---- how much room does a 5wt take up and never discount catching smaller albies on a 6wt! ;)

Good Fishing!!!

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Re: Words to the Wise (foolish really)

Postby jimmiller » Mon Oct 20, 2014 5:54 pm

Thanks for that solid advice SOBX! :D
Good to have options on the day(s) the wind blows too hard on the outside. :o

What kind of bait are the inside fish eating?

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