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Over 100 in "the bushes"

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Over 100 in "the bushes"

Postby SOBX » Mon Mar 03, 2014 6:47 am

Not a "Roanoke day", but damn close, and anytime you can have a 100 fish long half day on the fly with a really cool 7 year old onboard catching some on both fly and spin ---- it is a fine day! The count was Andy Boyd's, Davis's dad and an attorney, so my math skills shouldn't be challenged, but I've seen enough of these days to know it was a "load" of shad with some very nice hickory roes that pushed 2 1/2 pounds. ;)

Andy Boyd from Wilson tested out his birthday present (a 6wt TFO BVK rod and matching BVK reel) and caught his first shad on it, his first of the year, and he is now a COMITTED flyfisher! His son, Davis, all 7 years of him, is now a COMMITTED SHAD FISHERMAN!!! ... 26f063.jpg ... 59c0e5.jpg ... 58b68d.jpg

My favorite pic of the trip! ... d4839c.jpg

Sorry for not having any special shots of fish in the water, jumping shad, ones of 200 year old cypress, the addition of a "wired" 7 year old casting a spinning rod along with two fly rods going most of a long half day, and keeping "wired" 7 year old & me in the 17ft Hewes Tailfisher and not in 48 degree water was about as artsy as I could manage! :lol:

Good Fishing!!!

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