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4 Hour Speck Window

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4 Hour Speck Window

Postby SOBX » Mon Dec 16, 2013 6:11 pm

Picked up the Pathfinder from BayRacer Marine in Havelock at 9:00 after a 100 hour service, Ricky and the folks had me out the door quick and headed back to Harkers and my thoughts turned to the lack of wind and the tides along some coastal creeks.

Made the island at 10:30AM and dropped off the Pathy, hitched up the Hewes and met Jan Willis at the ramp and thought we might have til about 3:00PM if we pushed the tide right hard.

First hole, third cast and I lost a really nice fish, and then by damn I lost another nice one before landing a keeper (15 inches) in slightly muddy water from weekend rains.

Tried another spot and Jan nailed a decent fish ... bfaf64.jpg

and we both landed a couple more before moving again.

Every hole we hit gave up fish til we were almost ready to leave and then we found the Mother Lode of spikes. Nailed a few doubles, released quite a few fish and watched mud banks show up where water had been a few minutes earlier, so at 2:15PM we called the game due to low tide arriving after 3 1/2 hours instead of 4.

Bumped some on the way out, saved my cell phone at the ramp (I left it on the front deck unloading the boat and grabbed it before it sank), caught a decent number of fish in muddy water on 5wt flyrods, and the only dark spot was that first hooked fish ---- it is getting bigger by the minute!

Good Fishing & Merry Christmas!!!

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Re: 4 Hour Speck Window

Postby Landlocked » Mon Dec 16, 2013 8:30 pm

Nicely done.

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