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More Specks Before the Blow

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More Specks Before the Blow

Postby SOBX » Sat Dec 14, 2013 5:49 pm

A few brave souls braved the weather forecast to trout fish, a few duck hunted and then trout fished, one brought the kayak, and we saw one crew in a bass boat, but between showers and in a freshening breeze Albert Bruno and I bent some small flyrods with fish from small to right decent (12 inches to just over 3lbs).

This fly is about 3 inches, and no it ain't one of the 3 pounders (with no net they left a little early boatside, camera shy buggers). ... df5dce.jpg

Water temps 47.8 early and 49.6 when we bolted home between showers, radar looks better now (2:03PM) than it did at 11:30, so it is now nap time between ball games and checking Sunday & Monday's forecast.

3/4wts and tutti-fruttis (chart/pink or elec chicken Clousers) did the trick with the overcast. Decent numbers with plenty for a double limit (2 fishermen) and 3 that were definitely picture quality, but I gotta start carrying a net!

Good Fishing!!!

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