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VCFA House Report 10/31/13 Addendum

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VCFA House Report 10/31/13 Addendum

Postby fishermike » Fri Nov 01, 2013 8:37 am

Hi! Enough with the numbers! Yesterday was really special as we arrive "on station" where we had been catching them for the last three days and find just acres and acres of busting fish. It took a few casts, but we quickly were hooked up multiple times as we had 7 double hookups and 2 triple hookups, one of our boats had 4 guys on it and we were hoping for all four to hook up so we could honor the BoSox World Series win by hooking up for the cycle, single, double, triple and HR! The bite continued for most of the morning and into the early afternoon, when we changed locations to off the #2 marker about 2 miles to the west where we found multiple breaking fish and they were there even as the swells from the blow kept getting higher and higher. Finally some common sense intervened and we came in around 3 pm and ran into the rain squall! But we all made it home safe and sound to spend Fri in recovery mode as we woke up this morning with lots of sore muscles!! One difference from Wed was on Wed we broke one rod and also had a reel fall off a rod upon impact with the boat floor! We also were able to float over a bait ball and have it stay under the boat for a long time until the sharks showed up and then they were gone, but we caught albie after albie while the bait was there! Just a great day on the water! We will have the house again next year so if anyone is interested in spending some time with us,drop me a line. Thanks again and tight lines, mike :D :D

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Re: VCFA House Report 10/31/13 Addendum

Postby dsqrd » Fri Nov 01, 2013 3:52 pm

Put me down for the last 2 weeks in October.
Dave :P

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