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Just to pretty not to go!

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Just to pretty not to go!

Postby SOBX » Tue Oct 29, 2013 5:25 pm

Even though my dance card wasn't full, I went by myself with the full intent to stay at the jetty for a few hours and leave the albies alone, just like yesterday with Doc Eiler.

A strange tide that seemed to be in no big hurry to rise kept the blues eating really nice LSU/ECU Clousers (purple & gold) left on my Suburban windshield in the early hours of the morning by either Santa 'cause I've been a real good boy, or Doc Eiler 'cause he smoked my hind parts with em yesterday, so I made a move to an area just inside of what some of us call Lumpenesia (in the same zip code as Shark Island).

"Twas there that some willing albies allowed me to showcase good timing (after a dropped cell phone call), a decent skill set (even after all these years of mediocre, I have learned some things from world class anglers), great equipment by Tibor & TFO, and a huge dollop of good luck that sent me two user friendy or possibly even "short bus" 'cores!

Old pic,


but the two mentioned above and two more (one off the rocks and one at "Home") that looked remarkably like the one in Guy Lupton's hands rounded out the trip back to Refuge Harbor on Harkers!

After participating in the last of the falling tide party I headed back to my favorite rock pile and was welcomed home by dozens of these that Doc, Jan Willis and I call "snot knockers" due to their total disrespect shown to 5 & 6wt sticks! ;)


Also had a fine & dandy bunch of keeper size BSB (Black Sea Bass) eat the same purple & gold flies on 250gr sinktips and short 20lb fluro leaders, so a fine morning was had with weather that was "just to pretty not to go"! :D

Good Fishing!!!

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Re: Just to pretty not to go!

Postby Landlocked » Wed Oct 30, 2013 8:48 am

Grand day for sure. Just keep em in the pen and keep em a little hungry, I'll be down next week long overdue for giving my backing a bath. Does the jetty look like a marina on the weekends yet?

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