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VCFA House Report 10/27/13

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VCFA House Report 10/27/13

Postby fishermike » Sun Oct 27, 2013 6:25 pm

Hi! Well, we found out today how the other half lives and why they call it fishing instead of catching! We had two boats out and they both came up empty. They saw a couple of breaking pods early, but they were up and down too quickly for any effective shots. The sand people also were shutout with only one pod that came within a cast and a half of the beach and you would have had to have been a world class caster to reach them and they were only up once. Today for the first time in three days we did not see any bait balls, just some finger mullet and no bay anchovies and a few scattered silversides. We will be out again in the boats and on shore and hope for better luck. Even so, this is still our second best year our of 17 years coming down here. Thanks and hope to see you on the water with tight lines and rods bent double! mike :D

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