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VCFA House Report 10/26/13

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VCFA House Report 10/26/13

Postby fishermike » Sat Oct 26, 2013 8:00 pm

Hi! Another great day on the water, as the sand people had another day of good and bad luck. What a difference a day makes, yesterday we hooked 6 and landed all of them. Today it was a different story as 8 were hooked but not a single albie was landed. Maybe the problem was what I hooked. I was on the beach and saw an object in the water and made a cast and hooked and retrieved it. Guess what? A boater had thrown a banana peel overboard and I was unfortunate enough to hook and retireve it. I guess what they say about bananas holds true for the shore as well. A couple of guys from the house went out with Sarah and had just a great day. They stopped counting after a dozen albies landed? So far we are just a little short of 100 hooked and with the nice wx forecast for tomorrow we should zip right past that mark. Some of us will be on the beach again and just like the last couple of days, we were standing in huge bait balls. If that continues tomorrow it should be another very good day indeed. Hope you all have lots of bent rods tomorrow along with tight lines, mike :D :D

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