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Out late/In early

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Out late/In early

Postby SOBX » Sat Oct 19, 2013 4:55 pm

Forecast was 70% chance of rain, still tired from being up later than normal with daughter home and fly club oyster roast here at the house, so made a quick call to Guy Lupton from late breakfast with my gals and Guy and I left the dock at 10:15.

Phone calls had told us what was going on, gave us updated issues with "crowd control" and we were into fish just east of the buoy chain before we ever got to our buddies.


We did the "group discount albies" for a while and then headed west into what looked like a dry run til we made the buoy chain again and had mixed schools of Spanish and "cores til one big shower just skirted us and another looked to be drawing a bead on us at 1:30.

I know this is the same pic after being cropped, but I got a kick out of the water droplet coming off the fin, told Guy he had made the albie "break a sweat" in 74 degree water! :lol:


Plenty of fun for a 3 hour tour and home in time for a hug from my daughter before she headed back home and a well deserved nap! :D

Good Fishing!!!

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