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Penny Fly

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Penny Fly

Postby BCflyfisher2012 » Fri Jul 24, 2009 4:41 pm

After reading the post by hh65cdr and seeing the fly that he used for triggers out at the boiler, I decided to try and tie something similar yet different. What I came up with is a fly made of a penny, marabou, krystal flash, zonker strips, and dubbing. To tie this, I used the zonker strip for the tail and then skirted the tail with a mixture of rainbow krystal flash and marabou. Then I constructed a small body out of dubbing and secured the dumbell eyes at the base of the eye of the hook. For this trial run, I was pressed for time so I finished the fly and secured the SHINY penny, heads up, to the body with super glue being sure to marry it up to the eyes so as to allow the tail and skirt to have as much action as possible. In the future, I plan on using epoxy to secure the penny and to coat the penny with epoxy to help keep it shiny(time just did not allow this time). I also have not had the time to test this fly yet, but I plan on taking to Mossy Creek or the Shenandoah this coming week for a test run on freshwater fish and hopefully I will be able to test it in the salt when I come down in 3 weeks.
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