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Help Please/Dubbing Loop

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Re: Help Please/Dubbing Loop

Postby Emerson » Sun Feb 26, 2012 8:54 pm


Make the loop only 6" to max 8" long. Cut off the raccoon and lay it on the table...not in a pile but the same way you might want it in the loop. Get some dubbing wax ...looks like chapstick and in a tube like that. Put the wax on the wire or thread of the loop. Now...have your twister/twirler or hackle pliers hooked to the bottom of the loop. I lay the loop on my leg if possible (height of table might be a problem) Now start at the bend of the loop and just carefully lay them in..the wax will not make the fur thick!!!!. Also the smaller loop is easier. When it starts to get shaky...stop and twist. Maybe you will need 2 loops but this will work.

Hope that helps.
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