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Flying in Colington

Outer Banks first Fly Fishing Club. Stay tuned some hard working folks are trying to get it up and running!!
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Flying in Colington

Postby Biff » Mon Jan 28, 2013 5:03 pm

Thanks to all who dropped by last Saturday to tie, talk, and munch! Nice turnout - and we got some things ready for that next trip to annoy some shadlings. Doug, Coonie, Tom Oneil, Tom Sloate, Mickey, Greg, Paul, Fred and myself had some great fellowship, caught up, even tied a few dozen, and then a nice batch of jerk pork tacos before navigating the ice. I'll post up some shots this week, but Mickey made the comment that he didn't frequently fish two flies. We had told him we pretty much always do for fresh trout and last season he said he did on shad and 90% of his fish came on the smaller dropper/trailer, so I started doing some unweghted small ones on #10 jig fly hooks, simple, eyes, thread body, little tail, and I'll be running those, even when I am throwing shad darts on spinning gear, until I find a reason not to!
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Re: Flying in Colington

Postby Tom3121 » Sun Feb 03, 2013 2:47 pm


I want to thank you for your hospitality at your house, the great food, and the help in tying flies. I have enjoyed my short time with the group and look forward to the meetings. Do I need to have my head examined? Thank you again, Tom

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