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HRBT 10-05-11

Fishing reports from the Tidewater area and lower Chesapeake Bridge
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HRBT 10-05-11

Postby Junebug » Thu Oct 06, 2011 6:22 pm

I fished the HRBT last night with a friend until around 10 PM. It was a beautiful evening and the light line was alive. Fish were jumping out of the water chasing bait just about everywhere you looked. There was so much bait in the water I think our flies got lost in the confusion, as we didn't catch as many as you would expect. I finally started to get fish on almost every cast when I went to a sinking line and a clouser minnow rather than a small albie type fly ( which is usually very good under these conditions). Going deep was the ticket. Oh yeah, did I mention the fish were small blues around ten inches long.

We finally found a few stripers willing to eat in the rocks of the Hampton side tunnel island, but the only one we hooked broke off.

In any case, it was a fun evening. :)


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Re: HRBT 10-05-11

Postby DarkstarCrashes » Thu Oct 06, 2011 8:03 pm

Sounds like last time I fished it a couple weeks ago. Bass were eating silversides right in the wash but little blues were everywhere. They were very picky for me until I put on a popper. I think it's been getting too much pressure recently, it's always slammed when I go there and the fish seem more abundant and less finicky elsewhere.

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Re: HRBT 10-05-11

Postby kendalloz » Fri Oct 07, 2011 4:21 pm

Thanks Joe. Glad you had fun. Those little blues can be a pain sometimes. 2 cents always start with a Clouser and if it does not work try the other stuff! :D ;) Thanks for the sinking line advice and reminder that there are many good ways to fish a light line! There is still a ton of bait around as you said...the fishing will only get better as the water cools....Thanks!

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