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New Bay boat worth a peek

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New Bay boat worth a peek

Postby wyatt » Tue Oct 01, 2013 5:08 am

Good folks in Edenton building the perfect boat for inland fishing. Fully finished with hull, liner and deck molds. Solid naval architect designed hull with enough vee to offer comfort in chop, enough flare to knock down spray, sides high enough to make you comfy. All composite, etc..etc...etc..

Lots and lots of history with the builder and his son, they've built production boats, their own custom boats and they've fixed far more than anybody I know.

I saw the most recent Bay boat on the sound here Labor Day and looks well worth a peek. Check them out. Layton Boats. I'm not smart enough to add pic's but hope this link works to their FB page. ... 865&type=1

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