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Flies for Bermuda?

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Flies for Bermuda?

Postby FFO » Mon Jul 08, 2013 10:16 pm

Hi all,

Anyone have any experience fly fishing Bermuda? I'm flying in on Friday, with a 1/2 day trip planned on Sat or Sun on a light tackle/fly fishing boat, Jump Dem Bones ( After that I'm planning on messing around with my 7 wt. close to the resort I'm staying at (the Fairmont Southampton) whenever my better half is sleeping in... Only there until Wed, but a chance to fish is a chance to fish.

Any recommendations for flies to buy and take along for beating up the water near the resort? (I hereby promise to start tying flies once I stop being purposely lazy.) The concierge informed me that they'll show me the hot spots when I arrive, but I anticipate docks for bait fishing...

Am not picky species-wise, any fishies caught (and released) are new to me, except, I'm told, no parrot fish fishing in Bermuda.

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