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Good Customer service form sage!!

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Good Customer service form sage!!

Postby BlueHeron » Wed Dec 12, 2012 12:12 am

This is so outstanding, I want to share it.

I bought a used sage 3500D on ebay in early 2009. I converted it to R hand wind. It became the workhorse reel on my 10 wt Xi2 - and saw a good number of Stripers on the bay, Albies at Harker's, and Dorado in Baja. This fall in Baja - after landing my biggest Dorado ever - I was stripping line back out, and the spool came off. It was retrieved from the drink, but the core had unscrewed and the one-way clutch cylinder was gone.

Contacted sage, noting that I was not the original owner, and asking advice. They said they would treat it as a warranty, send it in with the usual 30 dollar check. I did. I just got a box back from Sage. Guess they couldn't return that reel to pristine condition, so they sent me a brand new model 6010!

Pretty amazing commitment to their products! :)
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Re: Good Customer service form sage!!

Postby Sharpefly » Wed Dec 12, 2012 5:53 am

Had similar thing happen a month a go. Last broke the frame of a 1680 at the reel foot. Called them they said send back. Just sent the frame with out the spool. Recieved a new 2080 frame and spool.

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Re: Good Customer service form sage!!

Postby bhorsley » Wed Dec 12, 2012 8:42 am

Thats customer service!! BH you will love the 6010--

An interesting note--on both he 3000 and 6000 series reels Jake Charlton designed the drag for them. I have seen the insides of many 3000 series and 6000 and 8000 series reels (changing from left to right hand crank) to do this you see the the way the drag is constructed --had the opportunity is "assist" ;) in changing a Mako 9550 from left hand to right hand crank. The drags were pretty much the same or almost identical --of course the Mako had a bigger stack of drag pieces and was bomb proof.

Sarah and i have many many 6000 series reels and i can not say enough about how well they fish
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