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Super Fishing Rod Company!

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Super Fishing Rod Company!

Postby Emerson » Mon Jun 25, 2012 2:28 pm

Rise Fishing Company:

OK ..listen to this story. One and a half years ago I was looking for an inexpensive backup 5 wt rod. While at the Valley Forge Fly show(Feb 2011), Brian told me to look at Rise Rods. He knew the owner. The designer and owner was there and you cannot beat the price or the product. Both he and his wife are both guides I believe and wanted to create affordable fishing rods that are good! I cast the rod and then bought one right away. Not at the show but on line when I got home as he only had the one 5 wt there. The company had just started out. The rod, case etc cost $199.99. I honestly forget the name of the man(Steve?) I spoke with but the wife or partner is Amanda Switzer...sorry about the forgetting.
Anyway, I fished the rod around here and it worked very well. I go to Spring Creek in State College, PA and put on a monster huge heavyily weighted bass fly called the Sasquatch. My goal...surprise..huge fly...even larger trout. On my third third cast as I power the fly in the big wind is to hit the rod about 4" below the tip top....crack goes the rod and it is splintered in a million pieces! Bill laughs at me as this is not the first time I have done something stupid like that. problem as each 4 piece rod comes with a spare tip. I go back to the car and swap them out and continue fishing..after changing the fly. When I got home I put a new tip top on the piece and now have a new shortened back-up.No problem.

This year I have the rod in my rod rack in my Suburban....I am putting my 1.5 hp canoe motor up in the Suburban's back area. The motor is in a stand I made. I left it stand upright by itself as I got some rope to lash it down. In the process I hit the stand and the motor falls into the Rise Rod lying in my rod rack in the back of the car. Ke-Rack again..this time shattering a center section. I called Bill and he laughed hysterically again. why???

I go online to see if I can purchase another piece. The info said to send all pieces back and they will replace the section for a charge. I sent it back...about 3 weeks ago.

Today in the mail I get a rod tube package on the front steps. My wife says..."Another fishing rod?" As if I have too many now..ha ha. I said no..just a fixed one.

I open the tube and here is a brand new paper work but I am contacting them to try and pay something! seems to me that great companies also have superb service. Consequently this must be a great company as I certainly had superb service!

Just wanted others to know about this. There are really nice people and companies out there and they need to be recognized!
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Re: Super Fishing Rod Company!

Postby Cutter » Mon Jun 25, 2012 6:10 pm

I will have to look into their rods..... and avoid loaning you one.
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Re: Super Fishing Rod Company!

Postby Todd » Mon Jul 09, 2012 4:37 pm

Might as well plug a couple of other companies with great service.

The first saltwater rod I ever owned was a Redington Wayfarer 5 piece, 9 weight. It must have been 10 years old. GBH and I were both hooked up to small dorado last year in Baja when a gaffer joins the party. In my rush to land my fish and beat Dave to the big fish, I broke the tip on my rod. (Insert comments here about getting what I deserved.) Sent the rod back to Redington a week or so ago. They have not made this model in years. Long story short, I recevied a new CPX 4 piece, 9 weight today.

I also travel with an Orvis 3-piece spinning rod on most trips. I noticed last year that a guide had broken off in Baja. I took it to the local Orvis store just to ask if they knew of any repair shops. The manager said this looks like a warranty issue to me and shipped the rod. A week later I received a brand new rod from Orvis and the old rod with the missing guide.

Can't speak highly enough about how Redington and Orvis treat customers.

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Re: Super Fishing Rod Company!

Postby meatstick » Mon Jul 09, 2012 5:50 pm

Going out this evening to break my Wayfarer 8 wt. :lol:

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Re: Super Fishing Rod Company!

Postby flyinby » Tue Jul 10, 2012 12:00 am

Might as well throw a plug too....If your looking to get something custom built..This guy can make you anything you want... and his crafstsmanship is first rate...Not only fly, but standup rods, spinning. what ever...

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