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Early reports look good

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Early reports look good

Postby Cutter » Mon Apr 06, 2015 9:55 am

This is from one of the gear fishing sites and is in reference to last week. Looks like there is good bait this year and something to eat it.

Las Arenas/ Bahia de los Muertos
With decent stocks of sardines, this is the area where our fleet found the most variety of fish. Roosterfish from 10-40 pounds were along the beach areas and just off the rocky drop-offs. Over at the island, in the area where we got those big tuna last week, the fish appear to be there roving back and forth and moving fast. A few were hooked but many folks just aren’t ready or equipped or experienced to put the wood to that grade of fish and all of them except one, broke off or were lost. But, it’s encouraging to know that there’s tuna there. The one we got this week was a 70 pounder. That’s alot of sashime!

As well, dragging the deep running Rapalas and Yo Zuri’s over the high spots, produced either nice yellowtail or (surprise!)…wahoo! A little early for the speedsters, but no one is complaining. Again, these are quality fish and we’re losing about 1/2 the hookups, but the wahoo coming up are nice 20-40 pound ‘hoos and for this time of year a super bonus. The yellowtail are running 20 pounds or so also with some larger ones getting rocked. If you know how to fish the iron rather than bait, the fishermen who know how to use the jigs are getting far more hooks ups on the ‘tails.

In between the islands and to fill out the mix, there’s some schoolie-dorado ranging around. Nothing really big, but fun-sized 10-15 pounders that are great on light tackle keep popping up as well as jack crevalle, big bonito, and pargo liso, pargo mulatto and smaller dog-tooth snapper. There are also early season billfish in the area as well.
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Re: Early reports look good

Postby bhorsley » Tue Apr 07, 2015 12:07 am

for gods sake do not look at the reports --mostly science fiction or wishful thinking --expect the worse --so you will not be disappointed :)
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