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Blue and Black Marlin on fly, Los Suenos CR full Report

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Blue and Black Marlin on fly, Los Suenos CR full Report

Postby Keysjake » Wed Jun 25, 2014 4:18 pm

Fly Fishing Report,
"The Blue Marlin School"
Los Suenos, CR, June 17, 18, 19, 20, 2014

Greetings from Havelock, North Carolina:

I arrived home from one of my best fly fishing for Marlin trips ever, late at night on Saturday, June 21, 2014. After a full day of unpacking, resting, and gathering my thoughts, I decided to try to compose a factual trip report, regarding my recent "Blue Marlin Fly Fishing School" trip aboard the 43 foot vessel "Dragin Fly", out of Los Suenos, Costa Rica. I will include a couple of still pictures, however the quality is not good as most of the action was filmed on a Go-Pro video camera (many hours), and I do not know how to edit that footage yet, so I am waiting for my editor to have a day off to show it to her.

Paul Lombardi from southern California was my student for this my first, of many to come" Blue Marlin fly fishing School" in Los Suenos, Costa Rica, aboard Dragin Fly. Paul and I arrived at the world class, Los Suenos resort, on Monday, June 16, where we checked into our luxurious three bedroom condo after traveling from home today. We had dinner in one of the six great restaurants, the Italian one, and then, back at the condo, we prepared our tackle for our fly fishing adventure.

My gear included four TFO, Blue Water heavy duty (billfish) fly rods, four Mako #9700 Fly Reels, with 700 yards of gel spun backing, and Rio Leviathan, 550 grain shooting head fly line. I also brought one hundred Cam Sigler, pink and white popper head, tube flies, along with plenty of 16 and 20 pound mason hard class tippets, with 100 pound shock (bite) tippet material, and several hundred Gamakatsu 6/0 and 7/0 octopus hooks. Paul and I went through the tackle, sunscreen, and packed light for our 4 days at sea.

On Tuesday morning June 17, after visiting with some friends of boats at the marina, we had breakfast at "The Hook-up" restaurant at the marina, loaded our gear into mu golf cart, and headed down to "Dragin Fly" at 10:00 AM. We were greeted by Captain James, along with his mates Alberto and Marcos. The crew has fueled the boat and stocked all food and provisions aboard, so after loading our gear we pulled out of the Las Suenos Marina at 10:30 AM, and ran an hour offshore. We then deployed a couple of teasers and began trolling out to a spot about 109 miles from the marina, I call this spot : Destination Blue Marlin - X-1 or (BM-X-1). We raised one 450 pound Blue Marlin in the after noon but id did not tease in for a shot. Then at about 4:30 PM we found a school of yellow fin tuna, Paul caught a 20 pound yellow fin which we would have for dinner. At 10:00 PM we arrived at (BM-X-1), deployed our sea anchor, took a hot shower, and went to bed. The wind was under 10 knots and the seas were calm to a light chop, partly cloudy skies.

Wednesday Morning, 3:30 AM we woke up, washed up, ate great hot a breakfast of sausage, eggs, toast, and good Costa Rican coffee around 4:30. The crew then pulled the sea anchor and began deploying our teasers at about 5:10 AM. I caught my first Blue Marlin of the trip less than 20 minutes later, about 175 pounds, (showing Paul the technique of hooking and fighting these big which I use while fly fishing for billfish). By 7:00 AM, Paul had hooked a 250 pound Blue marlin which came unhooked after a 5 minute battle. Next Paul hooked and landed a 150 pound Blue Marlin on fly, his first ever Blue Marlin and his first Marlin on fly. By 8:00 AM we had raised 5, got 3 bites and Caught 2 Blue Marlin on fly, so far so good.

As the day went on , I caught a second Blue Marlin, (about 250 pounds), then Paul pulled the hook on another Blue Marlin. By the time that we quit fishing and put out the sea anchor, Paul had caught his first blue Marlin (ever) on fly, from 4 bites, and he caught a sailfish on fly, My score was three Blue Marlin on fly from three bites, along with one sailfish, all on fly. Three Blue Marlin on fly was my personal best ever day of fly fishing for Blue Marlin. The total Boat fly fishing score after day one of my Blue Marlin fly School was: 21 Blue Marlin and 3 sailfish raised, 7 Blue Marlin and three sailfish bites, while we caught and released 4 Blue Marlin and two Sailfish on fly in one day, a new daily boat record aboard "Dragin Fly". James, Alberto, and Marcos, are a great crew, the boat is perfect, smiles all around, fresh tuna Sashimi appetizers, Pasta and meat sauce for dinner, sleeping at 7:30 PM.

Thursday, June 19, We awoke to the smell of hot coffee along with eggs and sausage cooking, at 4:00 AM, took a shower, had breakfast, and went fishing at 5:30 AM. The wind died over night and the seas were dead calm, we fished for three hours and never saw a fish. There is another sea mound with FAD, close to 40 miles further out to sea, we decided to fish our way over to that spot, I call it "destination Blue Marlin-X-2 (BM-X-2).

At about 11:30 AM as we approached the area, we raised a 175 pound Blue Marlin, I cast my Cam Sigler fly to it, and 15 minutes later I had released our first Blue Marlin of the day. During the next hour Paul hooked two more blue Marlin, a 150 and a 200 pound fish, both pulled the hooks after a good fight, and then I hooked a big, 275 pound, really tough, Blue Marlin. This fish fought really hard for over an hour, and finally I got it to the boat for a release and my fifth Blue Marlin on fly during the two days of fly fishing (my 25th Blue Marlin on fly during my lifetime).

Paul Lombardi, then cast to a big Marlin, (over 300 pounds), it ate the fly and the battle was on, when that fish jumped, James yelled out, "It is a Black Marlin" close to 350 pounds. Paul did a great job, and just over 20 minutes later he released his and the boars first ever Black Marlin on fly! Our total score today was 5 Blue and one Black Marlin raised, four Blue and one Black Marlin bites, with "Team Dragin Fly" catching two Blue Marlin and a Black marlin on fly by 5:00 PM. WOW!

We left "BM-X-2, at 5:00 PM and trolled back over to the inside FAD, "BM-X-1", arriving and setting the sea anchor at 10:00 PM. We woke up at 4:00 AM fished for an hour or two, without raising any Marlin, and then began fishing our way back at
toward Los Suenos Marina. We arrived back at the marina at 2:30 PM with a happy and tired crew, what a great trip. During our two days of fly fishing, at my first "BLUE MARLIN FLY FISHING SCHOOL" Costa Rica, while fly fishing on destinations BM-X-1 and BM-X-2, our team raised a total of 25 Blue Marlin, one Black Marlin, and four Sailfish. We got bites on fly from 11 Blue Marlin, one Black Marlin, and 3 Sailfish, and we caught and released, 6 Blue Marlin, one Black Marlin, and two Sailfish aboard fly "Dragin Fly". all on 20 pound tippet.

Captain Jake Jordan

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Re: Blue and Black Marlin on fly, Los Suenos CR full Report

Postby bhorsley » Sun Jun 29, 2014 12:32 pm

awesome---very jealous
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