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New Guy, Hey y'all, help please?

Questions and Answers about the basics of flyfishing for newbies and the old timers that just can't remember
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New Guy, Hey y'all, help please?

Postby Stillwaters » Thu Nov 12, 2009 3:09 pm

Hey y'all,
Just another nub asking for some Help please?
Lets start with the ferry, seeing my first attempts
will be shore bound.
How much gear do they allow?
I've heard of people with chair's, so do they allow surf charts?
How to decide drop off? bank or spit?

A 10# with lots of backing, but what Line?
Intermediate, sinking, floating?

Any of the shore guys throw spinning?
If so what lures for Albie's ( tins? )

Do allot of guys kayak?

Thanks for all replies!!!

I'm a few hours south and have wanted to do this
for some time now.
If I had the money I'd just get Brain or Sarah to brake
me in but that will have to wait :oops:

Thanks again!!!

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Re: New Guy, Hey y'all, help please?

Postby Emerson » Thu Nov 12, 2009 5:03 pm

They will drop you off right by the spit. Bring an intermediate as you will not need to get down that far. Tie some 3.5" clousers in chartreuse and white...#4. They will be eating silver sides from 2" to 5.5"..just depends what is there. You might want some 1.5" flies as well if the spearing are still there. I would bring 2 rods...very easy to break a rod. Bring a chair to sit on, rest and place your back up gear and food/water.

Surf charts???

They seem fairly loose on equipment... talk to others will all be together before they leave...very open group and captain

walk around as much as possible...I have seen people fishing right at the spit with fish on the ocean side not 1/4 mile away!

I have seen yaks..not many..very dangerous as lots of current and larger boats cannot see them!!!

good to know tide conditions..high,low, etc...

It will be crowded! Depend swhen you go but boats just off shore...I mean just off shore and others like yourself doing the same thing!
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Re: New Guy, Hey y'all, help please?

Postby Stillwaters » Thu Nov 12, 2009 7:53 pm

Thanks so much for tips on fly :D
I think I'll get the gear together and
come next week for a couple days.
Best way to learn is to do it.
I met a guy that was there last year,
and after hearing the stories I've just
to experience it.

You've got a Great fishery up there and
I'm really stoked to get the chance.

Thanks again!

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Re: New Guy, Hey y'all, help please?

Postby Siessmack » Wed Nov 25, 2009 9:15 pm

Stillwaters, how was it? I'm a total newb myself to Harkers and simply can't take all these reports anymore. I think I'm heading down Thursday night or Friday morning. Planning on taking the ferries out to the spit to walk around and fish. Where do the ferries pick up? do people camp out on the spit? Did you see anyone fishing out of yaks? I'm taking mine down for the possibility of using it in the creeks behind Fort Macon St. Park. Anyone else with any info would be greatly appreciated!

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