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Cape Lookout/Harkers Question

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Re: Cape Lookout/Harkers Question

Postby lwflyrod » Wed Aug 25, 2010 11:53 pm

bhorsley wrote:
Flies--Clousers tie on #4 hooks 2 to 3 inches long--charteruse and white, grey and white, olive and white, pink and white will be fine. Small epoxy baitfish w ill work as well.

In the next week to month will try and post some fly photos


Suggestion on Quantity?? 6 ? 8? 10? of different patterns?
I guess you cant tie too many?, Can always use them later dont want to be short though. I've had many a time in freshwater where I ran out of a good pattern and the rest of the day Stunk :oops:
Especially on Mossy Creek.
One good thing or bad thing depending on how you look at it is we will be fishing Harkers by ourselves 2 some of Saturday and Sunday before our trip with Sarah. So in one thought is we would end our trip on a high note. Fishing with Sarah is a blast! Down side is not really sure where we are to go exactly, but I guess we can figure some of it out and I'm sure someone will post some more information about where to go as time gets closer.
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