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Fly Line question

Questions and Answers about the basics of flyfishing for newbies and the old timers that just can't remember
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Re: Fly Line question

Postby mb82 » Fri Apr 30, 2010 4:38 pm

If the industry would go to one system where a "fast" action rod was a fast action rod across the board then I would be happy and it would make it easier for someone getting into flyfishing to be able to compare rods, it also would make my job easier when people ask about other rod companies.

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Re: Fly Line question

Postby bhorsley » Fri Apr 30, 2010 5:15 pm

hard to make an industry standard on " fast action" From what i have been told action is determined by how long it takes the rod to straighten after it has been bent or loaded.

For new folks the best way is to cast several rods and choose what feels best to them. This will could change as they fish more. Most of the high end rods react totally differently to different fly lines in the same weight--tapers, head configuration make a big difference and this will change form caster to caster and from styles of casting. Bottom line is cast the rods and cast your buddies rod and if you can find different fly lines try them. If a certain Rio line works well on your rod and it cast like a cannon---look at the specs and taper of the line and then when looking for a new line try and find a line with the taper and specs you liked on your old line.
Bottom line fish what you like to cast
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