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A few questions

Fly fishing the Outer Banks of North Carolina
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A few questions

Postby acorum » Thu Nov 19, 2009 7:47 pm

Hi everyone,
I will be lucky enough to be spending time with family in Waves over Thanksgiving week. I am really excited about this as I spent many a summer in Kitty Hawk with my grandparents who lived on Kitty Hawk Bay, but it has been years since I have been on the Outer Banks. I even caught my first fish near Oregon Inlet (spot or croaker, I forget). I will definitely bring a fly rod, but I have a few questions about the area to help prepare. Are there good places to wade and fish near Waves? Will it be too cold to wet wade? Should I try to bring waders?

Also, would I be better concentrating on the Sound or Sea side? My uncles will have conventional gear, and we plan on fishing the surf and maybe around one of the inlets at least one or two days while I am there. Should I be planning to try the flies in the surf? The fact is I really don't know what to expect, so any tips would be appreciated. I hear things can be pretty good in the fall, I just don't know much more than that at this point.

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