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Northern Beaches - Pine Island to Corolla Aug 6-13

Fly fishing the Outer Banks of North Carolina
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Northern Beaches - Pine Island to Corolla Aug 6-13

Postby lwflyrod » Sun Aug 14, 2011 11:27 pm

Just got back from a week on the OBX. Flyfishing the surf was awesome this week. We staying in the Pine Island area and every morning when we walked out to the beach it was ON! On Tuesday we went up to the 4wd area in Corolla and as soon as we reached the area where you can park it was on for about 20min. Then we drove a bit up the beach to the first house, Its on again birds everywhere. Think we ended up with about 20 or 30 between BCflyfisher and myself. Every Morning from about 5:30 - 7:30 we would find bluefish willing to take the fly in the surf. Went through about a dozen Chart and White Clousers and one gray and white. other colors were not as effective.
I'm telling you all it was the best flyfishing from the surf I've had in the past 4 years and we visit 2x a year in July and August. Even this freshwater flyfisherman who keeps bending his wrist (even ask Flygirl) or not stopping his back cast on time :oops: could make these casts. Sometimes you could even roll cast to them.
Sorry no pics guys....forgot to bring the camera when we fished. it was too fast and furious at times to think about cameras.

I would like to thank the fish gods who smiled upon us this week, for flyfishing from the surf. :D :D :D
Lee W
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Re: Northern Beaches - Pine Island to Corolla Aug 6-13

Postby Emerson » Mon Aug 15, 2011 6:26 am

Catching fish in the surf on the fly is special..Congrats! :mrgreen:
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Re: Coat-tail surf report ...

Postby meatstick » Wed Aug 17, 2011 9:24 am

lwflyrod, August must trigger surf activity (even further north).

It has become a ritual for me and John4 to go to Assateague for his annual sea-soaking in August. Good weather. We were not chased off by a storm until 4:30pm.

Before we left the house (while packing the car) I told my son: "now watch this, I'm not gonna take a fishing rod ... which means we will have fish at our feet while at the beach". I was serious.

So we get set-up on the sand ... blanket, cooler, sunscreen, binoculars, etc., and John4 wades into the cold water. The tide was about 1/2 "out" and he waded to a sand bar and then off the backside of it... still only waist deep. Water was very clear...waves almost non-existent, nearly slick beyond the waves.

He came back to the beach after a couple minutes. I said to myself: "something's wrong, maybe too cold".

Nope ... he says: "there are fish out there". Me: "see, I told ya ...remember what I said about the fishing rod ? What are they ?" Him: "I'm not sure, come and look".

So I got rid of the crocs and binocs and went in the water. As soon as I got on the backside of the sandbar they were everywhere ... "croakers" !! ...they were in the 11-13" range, swimming back and forth across the sand, like beagles looking for rabbits. Not spooky, unless you did something like throw your arms up in the air suddenly.... but they would come right back. They stayed around till noon when the sun got directly over-head. A good 2hrs ... we got in the water at 10am. I just stood there and watched 'em ... kicking myself for leaving my new 5 wt at home. Could have easily caught 'em with a # 6 tan gotcha.

I did not see a food source ? but they were actively "on" something. The light-bulb lit, and I said to myself: "bet ya they are looking for little mole crabs". I went back to the wet sand and started digging. Holy-crap !! Not just tiny mole crabs, but millions of big hugger "pregnant" mole crabs !! No camera, left it in my "work bag" ... would have made a great picasa slide-show documentary. Sheee-it !!

Saw only two porpoises all day. One little pod of snapper blues under ten birds about 100 yds out. At 3:30p the croakers came back, but not the hoards of them like before... but I noticed pulverized mole crab parts in the water, right where waves hit the sand. You could even smell a scent of smashed mole crab.

I am "never-ever" going near water again without some fishin' gear. The gotcha would have worked, but a small "mole crab" fly would have caught them all. Anyway, it's was way cool.... and nobody got hurt.

Emerson is correct, "surf-on-fly" (when things are right) is mucho goodo. One of my most memorable angling days was on Shackleford Banks beach ... wholesale bendage from nice specks, pups, and flounder. Four hours later, I was beat-up.

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