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Ocracoke : first week of June

Fly fishing the Outer Banks of North Carolina
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Ocracoke : first week of June

Postby Leslie » Tue Apr 06, 2010 10:50 am

Hey all,

I'm usually fly-fishing up in NE Tenn or WNC (tailwaters, mountain streams for trout; downstream in the rivers for smallmouth); but will be in Ocracoke for the first week of June. (Headin' down just before Memorial Day, be there the week). We were there camping last year, and I tried fly-fishing a couple of times, but didn't do well (had a lot of the 'touristy' family things up and down the banks to do, didn't get to fish as much as I wanted). This year, we're stayin' put closer to Ocracoke, and not runnin' around as much, so I can get more time in fishing. I realize maybe earlier, maybe later, might do better, but, that's when we can be there, so, we'll be there...

Last year, my son and I had our 9ft 8wt rods (we pressed our smallmouth rods into coastal duty). We had clousers, deceivers, and a couple of crab patterns. I tried casting in the surf some (waded out a bit, and, had a lot of fun, but spent more time hoppin' waves than catchin' fish); more seriously, one morning we headed up to the spot near the northern ferry, hung the left just before the ferry, and tried fishing on the sound side... seemed like a good location, but we didn't do any good there, either.

Of course, we're stream fishermen, not used to fishin' shore environments. We won't have a boat, so, we'll be fishing where we can wade. I was wondering if it's possible to head down Springers Point, and fish along there, or if there are places to try near to Ocracoke village proper on the sound side, or do we need to simply plan on heading on out to the inlets and to try there instead.

Thoughts, suggestions, commentary, etc., all welcome...


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Re: Ocracoke : first week of June

Postby Emerson » Tue Apr 06, 2010 12:16 pm

Go to Tradewinds tackle shop...ii is across the road and down a bit on highway 12 from Howards. As you get off the ferry, you travel for maybe 12 miles until you hit the town...first thing you see is Howards Pub on the right. Go about 1/4 mile further and on left is Tradewinds. Just ask in there...they give up tons of info..
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Re: Ocracoke : first week of June

Postby Leslie » Tue Apr 06, 2010 12:45 pm

Was in there last year, and am on their boards, too; it was Tom there that pointed me up to the northern ferry location; looked like it'd be a great spot there, but I just wasn't able to generate any action.

The downside is they're a baitshop-oriented fishing shop, and not as much on the fly-fishing. (Tom was, used to be big on the inland Orvis stuff, but, there, he's a bait guide...) Melinda points out that you're dealing with wind in ways that you don't have to on a mountain stream....

So, I'm hoping that, here, I could find some more fly-specific tips/suggestions....


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Re: Ocracoke : first week of June

Postby bhorsley » Tue Apr 06, 2010 1:08 pm

while crab patterns are nice they are not as effective as a simple Clouser Minnow. Tie some in Chartreuse and white, black over orange, grey and white, olive and white.
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Re: Ocracoke : first week of June

Postby hh65cdr » Tue Apr 06, 2010 2:02 pm

Although I have not fished there in a while. I like fishing across the street from the hatteras/ocracoke ferry at ocracoke. Just park in the parking lot and you have all kinds of access by walking along the inlet. Good luck!
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Re: Ocracoke : first week of June

Postby ken » Mon May 31, 2010 11:32 am

Ask Tradewinds how to get in touch with me. I can offer some local advice.

Ken DeBarth
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