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VCFA House Report #16

Fishing Reports from Captain Brian Horsley and Captain Sarah Gardner
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VCFA House Report #16

Postby fishermike » Wed Nov 02, 2016 7:49 pm

Hi! Just a fantastic day and as Brian said in his post, it was epic today for our best ever boat day! :D We started behind the trawlers off Shackleford Is and ended behind trawlers in Beaufort Inlet with some Hook action in between. We started at President's Point, but nothing happening, so we headed for the trawlers off Shackleford Is and almost immediately hooked up and we caught a few fish and then we pulled behind the trawlers off the #2 marker and more albies with a few sharks thrown in and then we heard Chuck give us all a heads up on the radio about albies all over the Hook so we pulled in there and there were a lot of albies, but they were like they were yesterday, lots of splashing and up and down and very picky. We did have a couple of hookups before taking a time out for lunch and then we scanned Beaufort Channel with the binocs and saw some trawlers out there and were on our way. Just like yesterday, almost immediate hookups that lasted for well over 3 hours. We had numerous double hookups as we used our mahi mahi trick of keeping one hooked by the boat until another hookup. Lots of sharks as well and we lost 4 albies to them in some memorable shark strikes near the boat. The albies were right under out boat most of the day, it was almost as if they were acting like bait and trying to use the boat for cover to protect them from the sharks. We had 52 hookups and 40 landed for our best ever boat day and one of the best ever for the house. We are now sitting at 392 hooked and 269 landed, both well over our previous bests. West winds tomorrow and big blow on Fri may mean this year is almost over for the house. It has been our best year ever :D and I would like to thank everyone for their courtesy on the water, with the exception of one clown today in a pontoon boat who continuously ran full speed between albie blowups putting them down. We got rid of him yesterday by motoring up to him and telling him we had just left lots of albies just south of the rock jetty and he was off after them and out of our hair for the day! Everyone else has been super nice and we have shared lots of albies over the three weeks. It has been our best year ever and with the warm weather should continue well into Nov and early Dec. If you haven't started planning a trip, you should get with some buddies and plan a trip. Brian and Sarah have dates available and they are just a phone call away. You have no excuse, we will be talking about this year for many years ahead, make sure you will have something to add to the story. Thanks again, and tight lines to all, mike buss

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Re: VCFA House Report #16

Postby bhorsley » Wed Nov 02, 2016 9:16 pm

Mike it has been pretty magical season so far
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