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VCFA House Report #15

Fishing Reports from Captain Brian Horsley and Captain Sarah Gardner
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VCFA House Report #15

Postby fishermike » Tue Nov 01, 2016 5:50 pm

Hi! Another great day on the water with lots of albie action. :D It all started when we rounded the hook and saw that the birds were not sitting on the beach at President's Point, always a great sign for great action. :D We dropped our sand person off and i had noticed on the depth finder that there were a lot of albies that we had passed as we made our way to the beach, but still no splashes. As soon as we dropped our sand person off, the whole area exploded into action. We had an albie virgin on board and that virginity lasted all of 5 minutes as he quickly hooked up and landed his first of what we all hope will be many albies. Then we made multiple passes and had tons of shots at the bait balls as they sprayed bait, but no hookups until later in the morning. We finally ended up inside the hook and they were splashing all over, but very picky and not too many hookups. We did manage to hooke 4 and land 3 before it was time to swap out sand people. We did so and headed for the trawlers off Shackleford Is. where we hooked two and landed them both before we noticed a large trawler in the Beaufort Channel with lots of boats around it, so off we went. When we got there I counted 14 boats around a trawler that was dead in the water and hookups where occuring all around it. Then the trawler left and many of the boats as well and then the action really heated up. We had multiple doubles as we took a page from mahi mahi fishing and kept an albie hooked up next to the boat and waited until another hookup before landing it. It usually didn't take long as we noticed on the first couple of albies we landed that there were always others accompanying it as we fought it next to the boat. We finally had to leave to pick up our sand person and left lots of albies still biting. We ended up with a total of 24 hooked and 19 landed to bring us to 219 landed and 340 hooked. Oh, by the way, the sand people did ok as they hooked 7 and landed 6!! Just a great day and tomorrow should be just as good. This makes 5 days in a row that the trawlers in the channel have held big fish, many of those we caught today were 18-20 lbs. Hope for good wx and lots of bowed rods, thanks and tight lines, mike buss

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