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VCFA House Rep9rt #12

Fishing Reports from Captain Brian Horsley and Captain Sarah Gardner
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VCFA House Rep9rt #12

Postby fishermike » Fri Oct 28, 2016 5:59 pm

Hi! Lots of wind today kept most of us in the "cabin" tying flies although we had a group go to Radio Island and they caught some trout and lizard fish. We also had a couple of guys go out with Rob and he put them on fish to the tune of 13 hooked and 8 landed. :D Conditions were brutal with lots of wind and no breaking fish so they had to dredge them up. They did pull behind a trawler and had some good casting action, but no breaking fish. The fish were there and willing to take a fly, and the sharks were there also and willing to take any albie that passed their way! They lost the biggest albie of the day to a shark :| I posted a couple of days ago that we had not broken any rods, well, yesterday one was broken, and today in this season of "bests" our guys broke 3! :| They even broke one on a pelican! It takes some special talent to pull that one off. I guess Sarah was right, this is where "10 weights come to die". Speaking of
Sarah, if you see her tomorrow, be sure to wish her a happy birthday! House totals now sit at 178 landed and 265 hooked, both are bests for this amount of time spent on the water. This is by far the best year down here in all the years we have been coming since 1997. Be sure to get with some buddies and plan a trip. The warm weather has the possibility of continuing the season into late Nov and early Dec. You have no excuse, I believe Brian and Sarah have available dates after Nov 18 and the season should continue past that date. Hopefully, this nice calm afternoon will continue into tomorrow and will let us have another great day. Hope to see you all bowed up and tight lines, mike buss

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Re: VCFA House Rep9rt #12

Postby bhorsley » Fri Oct 28, 2016 9:09 pm

good choice Mike--it was choppy. There were breaking fish in Beaufort Inlet and they were eating but it was an adventure.
We have open dates after the 15th and i feel like this season should go long like last year. We caught our last albies last year on Dec. 15th
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