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VCF A House Report #10

Fishing Reports from Captain Brian Horsley and Captain Sarah Gardner
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VCF A House Report #10

Postby fishermike » Wed Oct 26, 2016 5:39 pm

Hi! Another great day on the water with lots of albies hooked and lost plus a late spinner shark show. :D We started off dropping our yaker off at President's Point and then headed down to the gun mounts and we immediately saw fish splashing and the depth finder was just lit up with fish and we were immediately hooked up and the action continued for a couple of hours. They weren't splashing, but they were showing on the depth finder and we were hooking up on a regular basis with dredging and trolling. Our other boat joined us and they also hooked up. We hooked 14 and they hooked 5 before we headed up to the hook to see if yesterday's action would be repeated. It was with lots of albies splashing all over the place. Our yaker hooked 2 and landed 1 from his yak and hooked 2 and lost them both from the beach. We ended up hooking 20 and landing only 8, and our other boat hooked 11 and landed 9 for a total of 35 hooked and 18 landed. This brings the house total to 213 hooked and 131 landed, the fastest to 200 ever! :D We lost them to broken hooks, bent hooks, broken lines and just fate, but, knock on wood, no broken rods so far. That usually happens to someone on the trip, but we have been lucky so far. After spending some time at the hook, we went south to the gun mounts again and were treated to a spinner shark jumping display. Must have been at least a dozen of them jumping, some within 30' of the boat. We also hooked up to a couple of albies during this time but lost them both. One was all the way in to the boat and then just took off like it was being chased, probably was! The epic continues and now we hope for good wx tomorrow to see if we can continue the show. We are well on our way to the best year ever. Now we just need to find the bigger fish for the icing on the cake. Hope to see you all bowed up tomorrow. Thanks and tight lines, mike buss

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